Susan Wojcicki children: Meet Benji Wojin and Chloe Wojin

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Susan Wojcicki, in full Susan Diane Wojcicki, (born July 5, 1968, Santa Clara, California, U.S.), American tech industry executive who was CEO (2014 – 2023) of the video-sharing Web site YouTube.

She previously was the senior vice president in charge of marketing at YouTube’s parent company, Google Inc. On Thursday, February 16, 2023, Susan Wojcicki announced that she is stepping down as YouTube’s CEO.

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She served as the head of the social media platform for nine years.

As reported by Vox, Wojcicki said she is leaving to “start a new chapter focused on my family, health and personal projects I’m passionate about” in a letter given to YouTube’s workers.

Neal Mohan will be taking Wojcicki’s place.

Who are Susan Wojcicki’s children?

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Susan Wojcicki shares multiple children with her husband, Dennis Troper. Wojcicki and Troper have been married for about 25 years. The couple wed on August 23, 1998.

The businesswoman has not shared many details about her kids with the public, and information about their lives is largely unknown. But from our checks, Benji Wojin and Chloe Wojin are part of their offspring.


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