Too Sweet Annan Says Ghanaians Love To Booze So He Has Set Up A Pub To Meet Their Requirement

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There is no two ways about this. Ghanaians in fact love to drink notwithstanding their financial status. Most of the TV commercials splashed on our screens are beverages, majority of which are alcohol. This perhaps could have motivated sexy Ghanaian actor Too Sweet Annan, who says he has set up a business to sell drink because he realised Ghanaians like to drink.

The actor says Ghanaians’ love for alcohol propelled him to channel his investment into his pub ‘Briefcase’.

“There are so many ways to invest money in this country,” he said and added that, People like to booze in this country, he said in Twi.

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“They like drinking. I own a pub so I know what I am saying. Like me, I invest in my pub, buy more drinks, people buy [and] get drunk but I don’t take alcohol,” he told JoyNews’ MzGee.

“It’s investment. I am using money to ‘catch’ money,” was the response from Too Sweet Annan when he was asked why he doesn’t drink but chooses to sell liquor.

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This is good business my brother. I got your back!



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