Taeyong NCT : Everything to know abouth the South Korean Rapper

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Taeyong NCT Is a South Korean Rapper, singer, songwriter, and dancer born on July 1, 1995 to his parents in Seoul, South Korea.

His Educational Background 

Education as many say is the Key to Success, it is one of the reasons many reasons people have the mindset of gaining at least some little form of Education even if it is only upto the Junior High level.

Taeyong equally has some of this thoughts and had his education at the School of Performing Arts located in Seoul. During his school days his favorite subject was art. It is believed he rode a bike to school everyday throughout his high school days.

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Taeyong NCT music Career

Taeyong has his fame attributed to being a membe and leader of South Korean boy band NCT, a group operating under the label SM Entertainment.

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In 2016, the talented musician debuted in the group’s first sub-unit, NCT U and that surely was the beginning of a great partnership coming up between himself and the group.

His hard work has been recognized due to the immediate impact he brought into the group, as a result, he was elected as the leader of the group’s second sub-unit, NCT 127 that same year.

Taeyong released his first solo project, a single he titled Long Flight In 2019 when he debuted as a member of the South Korean group SuperM.

Taeyong NCT
Taeyong NCT

Facts about Taeyong NCT

  • He has one sibling, an older sister
  • The talented musician was casted in SM Entertainment back in 2012.
  • Taeyong co-wrote at least four songs for NCT 127’s first studio album tit Regular-Irregular
  • Taeyong’s main dream was to become a firefighter but changed his mind Nd switched attention to music when he got the chance to join SM Entertainment,
  • The lead single “Regular” in NCT 127’s Debut album which was co-written by Taeyong was served as the debut single of NCT’s Chinese sub-unit, WayV.

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  • His rise to becoming a musician came on the street when he was scouted by an SM Entertainment recruiter and signed to the Label after successfully passing the audition by singing the South Korean national anthem.
  • Taeyong appeared in multiple magazines alongside another NCT member Johnny back in 2014.
  • In October 2014, Taeyong left another great mark on his music career again when he featured on Red Velvet’s song titled Be Natural.
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