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Prophet Badu Kobi

Krobo women are truly prostitutes – Prophet Badu Kobi defends Sarkodie (+ video

Historically, Krobo citizens were angry over what they call a deliberate attempt by rapper Sarkodie to denigrate them and their women via song. The song,...

We Cannot Apologise Publicly To You Krobos-Sarkodie & Kurl Songz To Krobos

It appears, the Krobo people are not interested in letting sleeping dogs lie (maybe their dogs were actually not sleeping) and in a new...
were korbo women cursed by okomfo anokye

Were Krobo Women Really Cursed By Okomfo Anokye?

In case you don’t know or have never heard before, there is an age old belief, allegation, rumour, grapevine, call it whatever, that, legendary...