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‘I Like To Wear Eyelashes But I’m Not Gay’–Pappy Kojo Explains Why He Loves Wearing Eyelashes

Pappy Kojo

Ever seen Pappy Kojo somewhere and wondered if he was wearing eyelashes? Well, you were not wrong in any way if that thought ever crossed your mind. The ‘Realer No’ artiste has confessed that he wears eyelashes in a new interview with 3FM. According to Pappy Kojo, his makeup extends to him wearing eyelashes, which he says makes him look nice! …

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“I Have Feelings For Pappy Kojo; His Music Turns Me On”- Jay Rooney The Gay Cries Out & Pappy Responds

The Ghanaian gay,  Jay Rooney who said the other time that he was a better prostitute than Bob Risky has come out to make another ridiculous wish. How ridiculous is this wish of his? He wants to meet Pappy Kojo. In a post he made on his Snapchat account, he revealed that each time he listens to Pappy Kojo’s music, …

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Video:Pappy Kojo Reveals That He’s Not Got Balls To Talk To Girls

One would think that, because Pappy Kojo is such a handsome young man, he would easily have his way with women but it appears, that is not the case–His ‘mouth die’ rough. In a new interview he had on YFM to talk about his new song, Pappy Kojo told the host of the show that, he was a shy person …

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Up And Coming Artistes Likely To Wear The Rap Crown After Sarkodie – Part 2

Following the feedback from Ghana music lovers in response to the first part of the published blog titled: “Up & coming artistes likely to wear rap crown after Sarkodie – Part 1“. There comes the need to bring to your notice the second part of the hottest emcees who represent the future of Ghanaian Hip life/pop music. Therefore, this piece …

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Pappy Kojo Reveals Why He’s No Longer Hanging Out With Joey B But He’s Lying-Here’s Why

For sometime now, we’ve observed the ailing friendship of Pappy Kojo and Joey B. It’s obvious that the two don’t hang out like they used to anymore, or even play at same shows like they used to do. The two were very fond of each other, so much that their fans even wanted them to form a group. Pappy Kojo …

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Pappy Kojo Hits Back At Critics In New Music Video ‘Nyame Bra’

pappy kojo - nyame bra

The Fante Rap Vandam has dropped another music video titled “Nyame Bra” and people have started talking about it because of the different concept that was used in making the music video. It’s  somewhat different from the normal music videos that we know of in the country. The song for the most part seems like a hit back at critics, the video sees a …

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Pappy Kojo Fires Back At Those Who Mocked Him After 2016 VGMA Loss.

At the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2016, rapper Pappy Kojo lost in all four categories he was nominated in to his fellow artistes and several people took to social media to mock him. Some people took it very personal to the extent that they had to say Pappy deserves awards organized at Senior High School level while  others …

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Pappy Kojo Finally Opens Up After VGMA Loss

This year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards took place last night and lots of things happened where most people weren’t satisfied with the organizers of the awards scheme as they voiced out their displeasure that the event wasn’t credible and also, the crafts put up were just not the best. Pappy Kojo on the other hand didn’t win any award out …

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Could This Be The Cause Of Pappy Kojo’s Accident??

It was reported that rapper Pappy Kojo had been involved in a car accident few days ago. The pictures that flooded online showed that it wasn’t a fatal accident but the rapper got hurt in the head. He was seen receiving treatment from a health personnel and taking  some prescriptions. I watched one of his snapchat videos after the accident …

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Video: See Pappy Kojo’s Pretty Kid Sister Who Just Returned To Ghana After 14 Years

Pappy Kojo is on top of his game currently,performing at every big show in the country and keeping his hustle real. I guess his money box will be very heavy these days. To become a top notch artiste,one has to bag all the opportunities that will come his or her way,hence Pappy isn’t letting go of any chance at all. …

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