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No More Peruvian Or Brazillian Hair For Yvonne Nelson| She’s Living The Natural Girl Way Now

Oh my! Have you seen Yvonne Nelson’s new look already? She looks completely amazing. That is not to say, she didn’t look so at first, but then we are awed at her new look. She’s not wearing any wig and has just cut her hair, and she still looks completely different in it.  It’s even making her look younger, like …

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Watch The Trailer For Yvonne Nelson’s First Excruciating Movie: If Tomorrow Never Comes


The trailer we’ve all been waiting is finally here and after watching it, it’s a movie you would not want to miss for any reason at all. Yes, it’s another one from the A-List Actress, Yvonne Nelson, who shot her latest movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” some few months ago. The storyline of this new movie is different from the …

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Yvonne Nelson’s Tweet To KKD Is Just Torturing Enough For The Man


You would recall, some months ago that, the ace broadcaster and fashion icon, Kwasi Kyei Darko, popularly known as KKD sat on Peace Fm’s entertainment review program as a panel member and castigated Yvonne Nelson. On the show, the fashion icon, stressed that Yvonne Nelson had bleached her skin and that, she was not like how she is now during …

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Hurray!! It’s Yvonne Nelson’s Birthday & We Share With You Her Top 10 Photos Of 2014

Hurray! It’s the birthday of another A-list celebrity in the month of November. Today, November 12th marks the birthday of Ghanaian stunning actress and producer Yvonne Nelson. Yvonne Nelson celebrates her birthday today and turns 29 this year. The actress celebrated her birthday last year at the beach with her other celebrity friends and some lucky selected fans. Some of …

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The Magic In Those Long Beautiful Legs Of Yvonne Nelson!


Lately there have been a lot of discussions on both traditional and new media about the success of the Yvonne Nelson new movie premier and its record breaking success. While I have not seen the movie itself and I doubt if I will, I am intrigued by the fact that she has been able to achieve what has been referred …

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Just Look How Beautiful My Watermelons Are-Yvonne Nelson

yvonne neslon dress to single and married

Friday, 5th September was the premiere of  the sequel movie, Single, Married and Complicated!  The anxiety of  many movie lovers to see that movie was finally quenched except for those of us who couldn’t make it either as a result of financial complications or no dress or perhaps, we just didn’t get the time to go watch. Well, if you …

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Top 5 Ghanaian Female Celebrity Talkatives of Our Time.

celebrity talkatives

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities were like when they were in school? Yeah, i have always wondered and you would love this list. These celebrities were big time talkatives in school and they had their names always on the names of talkatives with D.p attached to it. And surprisingly, they are still talkatives till date, they are …

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Five Funny Messages Fans Have Sent to Celebrities on Social Media

Being a fan of any celebrity can sometimes be obnoxious. If you’ve had the chance to read all those messages crazy fans send to their favorite celebrities, you would perhaps stop sending yours. You see the funny thing is that, mostly when you send this messages, they don’t get to read all of them, because the influx is just sooo …

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Could John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson Be on Friends with Benefits?

Oooo, this are one of the reasons why being a star is sometimes a good thing. You get some good privileges and John is sure making the best out of his stardom. John Dumelo has been hardworking since day 1 and that accounts for all the many businesses he owns now, the hotel, the clothing line, music and film school……i …

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Yvonne Nelson Finally Figures out Why You Think She Bleaches!

Come on Yvonne Nelson does not really bleach It’s what good money makes you look like.  Yes, why are people always on her nerves. Yvonne Nelson has made it clear several times that she does not bleach, but that just happens to be something most Ghanaian do not want to believe. This time, in an interview with Joycelyn Dumas on …

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