“Take your plenty sense elsewhere” – Unassuming Jessica Opare Saforo clapbacks at netizen who described her as “unintelligent”

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"Take your plenty sense elsewhere" – Unassuming Jessica Opare Saforo clapbacks at netizen who described her as "unintelligent"

Broadcaster Jessica Opare Saforo rarely makes the headlines but this time around she has decided to respond to one of the numerous “nonsense” thrown at her on social media on the regular.

The Citi FM and Citi TV Programmes Director did not waste the opportunity to silence a netizen who tried to exhibit his knowledge concerning the COVID-19 vaccine and to force his ideologies down the throat of the confident Jessica.

Apparently, this netizen [@BayAreaBro11] tackled Jessica Opare Saforo for going for the COVID-19 jab. According to him, he has lost respect for the “Traffic Avenue” host and has come to the conclusion that although she may look wise and intelligent, she is actually otherwise.

Earlier, Jessica Opare Saforo and other media practitioners in the country shared their experience when the went for the COVID-19 jabs. They encourage Ghanaians to volunteer to take the covid-vaccine since it is the sure way to fight the virus.

This netizen who has his ingrained stereotypical reservations about the vaccine commented: The only joke is U. In your YouTube videos U come off as this intelligent, wise, well to do woman but U allow them to jam a TOXIC vaccine into your arm thinking that will protect U rather than trusting your immune system like a SMART person. Smh. I thought U were better than this

This comment, perhaps, rubbed Jessica Opare Saforo the wrong way as she replied to this netizen by telling him to go embrace the transformer if he so wishes.

massa! Take your plenty sense elsewhere wai… let we the ‘foolish ones’ live with our stupidity. Posterity will judge! Fyi you don’t have to watch my Youtube videos if you wish… i don’t buy your data! Run along little man!

Conversations surrounding vaccines have become topical on social media in recent days. Meanwhile, celebrities who support or part in the exercise have become targets for so-called enlightened Twitter employees.


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