Talented Ghanaian Musician Jah Lead Breaks Down in Tears During A Live Interview

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Jahlead, a budding artiste with promising talent begun to shed tears during an interview on Hitz FM’s #DaybreakHitz. According to him, they were tears of joy.

Giving more information about himself, the artist revealed that a Policeman in the SWAT division. However, his profession does not inhibit him from pursuing his music career. He also cited DSP Kofi Sarpong; one of Ghana’s greatest gospel musicians as one of his sources of inspiration who always makes him feel welcome.

As his song begun to play in the studio, Jahlead began to sing in a sentimental manner, shedding tears in the process. When asked the reason behind his intense display of emotion, he revealed that he had come quite a long way in terms of his music career. Therefore, he was grateful for the appreciation he was being shown by Andy Dosty the host of the show.

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Jahlead believes that although he has been an underground artiste for quite a while, his time to shine shall soon arrive.


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