Tamale MCE Saying Fancy Gadam Relies On Human Blood For Fame Is Nonsense – George Quaye

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Radio and television personality, George Quaye is outraged at the Tamale Municipal Chief Executive’s description of Fancy Gadam’s talent as “a danger” to the people of Tamale.

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Recall that some fans of Fancy Gadam and staff members of Zylofon Cash were involved in an accident on Thursday when they were going to the Tamale Airport to welcome Patoranking ahead of Fancy Gadam’s concert which was slated for June 30.


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Iddrisu Musah Superior, MCE of Tamale reacting to the incident which claimed about eight lives indicated that he has banned all concerts at the Tamale sports stadium until further notice.

“The fabulous talent of this young man is a danger to the people of Tamale. Why you want to mobilise young innocent people on the streets just because you want to make profits. You want to use the blood of the people to make money? We won’t tolerate that. I have banned all musical concerts at the stadium. No more musical concerts at the stadium till further notice.” The Dema Naa is heard saying”, he said.

Making a submission on Zylofon FM’s Showbiz Agenda, monitored by abrantepa.com, George Quaye, noted that the comment was in a bad taste.

“The talent is an inspiration to the youth of Tamale. Do you know how many people through Fancy Gadam know that there is hope and you can make it through music? Do you know how many youth in Tamale know now that they don’t need to leave Tamale and come down to Accra to sleep under bridges just because they look up to a talent like Fancy Gadam?” he queried, adding that “If I were Fancy Gadam, I’d take him on. How dare you open your mouth and say he’s using the blood of Tamale youth to make money? What nonsense! And this is a political leader? It’s appalling.”

George Quaye called for an apology while stressing that Musah Superior should be brought to book for interrogation. According to George, it’s unfortunate for the MCE to put all the accident blame on Fancy Gadam. Therefore, his comment that Fancy’s talent is  a threat to the inhabitants of Tamale should be retracted as soon as possible.


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