Tamiko Bolton biography: Who is George Soros’ wife?

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Who is Tamiko Bolton?

Tamiko Bolton, George Soros’ wife, gained notoriety when she began dating the wealthy and philanthropic man. Most of the criticism directed at the pair focused on those questioning Tamiko’s motives. However, the majority of people only know that she is George’s wife and that’s about it.

Tamiko Bolton is a driven individual who has achieved success in both her professional and personal lives. She exudes flair, self-assurance, and contentment in her persona. Many people throughout the world look forward to her as an example of how anyone can achieve success through perseverance and happiness at the same time.

Taniko Bolton bio

On March 1st, 1971, Tamiko Bolton was born in California, USA. Her parents, a retired US Naval Base commander and a nurse, brought her up in California where she was born. Bolton attended the University of Miami after graduating from high school, where she obtained a Master of Business Administration.

Tamiko Bolton height

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Tamiko stands at a height of 5′ 5″ and weighs 60 kg.

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Tamiko Bolton education

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Bolton obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Utah. After graduating, she obtained her pharmacy certification. Later, she attended the University of Miami to obtain an M.B.A.

Tamiko Bolton and George Soro’s marriage

Tamiko Bolton biography: Who is George Soros' wife?

Bolton was previously married before she wed Soros. However, as Tamiko is a private individual, there are no specifics on that union. In 2008, George and Tamiko started dating. George and Tamiko Bolton wed in a lavish ceremony that received a lot of media attention. Numerous well-known public figures participated.

After the announcement of the wedding, the main cause of the response was the age gap between George Soros and his bride. In 2021, George Soros will be 91 years old, and his wife will be 50. There is a forty-year difference between them, and some people did not like it. Some even went so far as to accuse Tamiko of being a gold-digger and that she only wed George for his wealth.

George’s third marriage is to Tamiko. In 1960, when he was thirty years old, he married Annaliese for the first time. The couple was married for more than twenty years until divorcing in 1983. Robert, Andrea, and Jonathan Soros were their three children during their marriage.

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George Soro children

The Central European University in Budapest was founded by Robert. Additionally, he is the owner of an extensive network of charitable foundations in Eastern Europe. The president and creator of Trace Foundation is Andrea. This foundation supports the Tibetan communities’ in-country cultural survival.

Jonathan is a political donor and a hedge fund manager. He was a founding member of Friends of Democracy. A PAC called Friends of Democracy is committed to lessening the impact of money on politics.

Susan Weber was George’s second wife. From 1983 through 2005, it existed. Gregory and Alexander Soros were their two children. Alexander is philanthropic like his father and well-known for his numerous contributions to social and political issues. The artist Gregory is.

It is safe to believe that George Soros’ wife and family got along well, even though it is unknown whether they accepted her or not. His children are grown adults with successful careers. He and Bolton are not parents as of the time of writing.

Tamiko Bolton career

Bolton has created an empire that is expanding daily, despite the fact that most people only know her as the philanthropist’s wife. She started off as a health education consultant, but as her interests grew, she discovered she was passionate about wellness.

This inspired her to obtain her license as a pharmacist. She started a successful online business selling nutritional supplements. She decided to become a certified yoga teacher because she wanted to help people live healthier lives. She also developed a website that instructs visitors on the advantages of yoga practice.

She had been a successful entrepreneur for a while by the time she met George, when she was about 40 years old. No one is aware of her wealth because she has managed to maintain her privacy despite dating such a well-known man.

Tamiko Bolton, the wife of George Soros, is a notable philanthropist. She only ever appears in public while traveling to or from a charity event. George Soros and his wife are outspoken about the causes they support and are always willing to lend a hand.

Tamiko Bolton net worth

The wealth of Tamiko Bolton Soros remains unknown. Her husband is a successful businessman who has had some notable endeavors. His net worth is currently estimated at $8.6 billion, making him one of the richest persons in the world.

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