Tan Kheng Hua children: Does Tan Kheng Hua have kids?

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Tan Kheng Hua is a Singaporean actress and television host who has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry for over three decades. She is best known for her roles in Singaporean dramas and films, as well as her hosting duties on various Singaporean television programs. Tan Kheng Hua was married to Lim Yu-Beng but they later divorced. They had a daughter together and in this post, we will take a look at who Tan Kheng Hua’s children are.

Who Is Tan Kheng Hua?

Born in Singapore in 1960, Tan began her acting career in the early 1980s, starring in her first television drama, “The Bridge,” in 1983. Since then, she has appeared in numerous Singaporean dramas, films, and television shows, both as an actress and as a host. Some of her most notable roles include her portrayal of the titular character in the long-running drama series “The Pupil,” and her role as the matriarch in the popular Mediacorp drama series, “The Bridge”, which ran for two seasons.

Throughout her career, Tan has been recognized for her talent and dedication to her craft. She has won numerous awards, including the Best Actress award at the Asian Television Awards in 2002, and the MediaCorp Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award in 2015 and 2016.

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Aside from acting, Tan is also known for her work as a television host. She has hosted several popular programs, such as the travelogue “Discover Singapore,” and the lifestyle show “Simply Her.”

Apart from the above list, Tan Kheng has been featured in a lot of television shows and films. The following are some.

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Television Shows:

  • “The Bridge,” a popular Singaporean drama series where she played the lead role of a widow who has to raise her grandchildren.
  • “The Pupil,” where she played the titular role of a strict teacher who tries to instil discipline and values in her students.
  • “The Bridge (Season 2)”, a continuation of the earlier series.
  • “Mediacorp dramas”, like “The Bridge” and “The Pupil” are some of the dramas that were broadcasted by Mediacorp, a Singaporean Media Company and were popular.
  • “Discover Singapore” is a travelogue where she was the host, showing the audience Singapore’s beauty and culture.
  • “Simply Her”, a lifestyle show where she also hosted, discusses different topics related to women, family and society.


  • “Forever Fever”, is a romantic comedy film where she played the role of a mother who is trying to set up her son with a suitable partner.
  • “The Amazing PRC”, is a drama film where she played a character who tries to balance her duty as a mother and her work as a businesswoman.
  • “The Bridge”, is a film adaptation of a successful drama series of the same name.
  • “Love Story”, a film directed by Royston Tan, where she played one of the lead actresses.
  • “Liang Po Po: The Movie”, a film adaptation of a popular children’s story, where she played the titular character, an elderly lady who takes care of her three grandchildren.

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Tan Kheng Hua Celebrates Anniversary With Partner

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The 59-year-old actress celebrated her first-year anniversary with her partner on a North American road trip. Her partner is named Kendell Dickinson and he is based in Squamish, British Columbia.

Who Is Tan Kheng Hua’s Daughter?

Tan Kheng Hua was married to Lim Yu-Beng, who is also a well-known actor in Singapore. They had a daughter together named Lim Shi-An. In an Instagram post dated 7th October 2022, Tan Kheng congratulated her daughter for graduating from the university. Other details about her daughter’s career are currently not available.


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