Tate Reeves Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

This article will share more information about the State Senate, Tate Reeves and how much he is worth as a politician.

Who is Tate Reeves?

Tate Reeves, the present governor of Mississippi, was born on June 5, 1974, in Florence, Mississippi. He earned his degree from Millsaps College in 1996 and entered the realm of politics as a member of the Republican Party. Prior to his political career, Reeves honed his financial acumen as a financial analyst.

In 2007, Reeves embarked on his political journey with his election to the Mississippi State Senate. Over the following eight years, he steadily ascended the political ladder, ultimately attaining the position of Senate Majority Leader. His next milestone came in 2015 when he assumed the role of lieutenant governor of Mississippi, a position he held until his victory in the 2020 gubernatorial election.

Reeves’ estimated net worth falls within the range of $1 to $5 million. This wealth is the result of astute investments, earnings from his political career, income from public speaking engagements, and revenue generated from authoring books. A combination of these factors has contributed to his financial success.

He has been elected the state’s 65th Governor of Mississippi, has been in office since 2020, and served as the lieutenant governor of Mississippi between 2012 and 2020. A member of the Republican Party, he was the former Mississippi Secretary of State. At 29, he was the youngest treasurer of a state in the United States when he was elected in 2003. He was one of the very first Republicans to be elected to the post in Mississippi. 

The governor was a Republican candidate to be the governor of Mississippi in the 2019 election and was defeated by Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood.

Reeves is a chartered financial analyst. Chartered Financial Analyst designation and is an active part of both the CFA Society of Mississippi and the CFA Institute, an investment industry association. 1996 was the year he became the winner of the Mississippi Society of Financial Analysts Award.

Following Millsaps, Reeves pursued a career in finance and banking in Jackson, where he was the assistant vice president of AmSouth and later the Deposit Guaranty National Bank and also served as an investment analyst. In 2000, Reeves was appointed an investment manager for Trustmark National Bank in Jackson.

Political career of Tate Reeves

Reeves lost the post of Mississippi state treasurer in the 2003 election. It was an open seat as the Democratic incumbent, Marshall G. Bennett, was retiring.

In the 2003 Republican Party primary election, Reeves faced former Central District transportation commissioner Wayne Burkes of Brandon and State Representative Andrew Ketchings of Natchez.

In the Republican primary election, Reeves led with 49% of the vote, with Burkes in 2nd place.

As no candidate achieved a majority, Reeves and Burkes had a run-off election. Reeves defeated Burkes in the runoff, which had a low turnout.

The election made Reeves the first Republican to hold the position of Mississippi State Treasurer. He is also the youngest statewide elected official in the modern history of the state.

In 2007, Reeves won reelection with about 60% of the vote.

He then continued his rise to power by entering the race for lieutenant governor in February 2011. In the November general election, he was elected lieutenant governor, succeeding Phil Bryant, who was elected to his first term as governor.

Reeves ran without Democratic support but received 80.35% of the vote. As lieutenant governor, Reeves was president of the state Senate.

He used his position to prevent Medicaid expansion from receiving a floor vote.

He also blocked increased gas tax to fund road repairs and Mississippi’s many structurally deficient bridges. Reeves later proved himself again by getting reelected as lieutenant governor on November 3, 2015, by defeating three opponents.

Phil Bryant, former governor Haley Barbour, and Chris McDaniel endorsed Reeves when he ran for Governor of Mississippi in 2019.

Reeves and Waller took part in a runoff election as no one won a clear majority in the primary. Reeves won the runoff election.

In the general elections, historically, Reeves was the first to win all eight statewide offices. He defeated state Attorney General Jim Hood and became governor.

Tate Reeves Net Worth 2023

Tate is a politician and made most of his net worth through his political career or investments. As of 2023, Tate Reeves net worth is estimated at $1-$5 million.

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