Tattoos Will Possess You – Bishop Ajagurajah

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Founder of the Ajagurajah Movement, Bishop Ajagurajah has revealed that, drawing tattoos on your skin will enable demons to possess you.

During a recent Facebook Live video sighted by Celebrities Buzz, he vehemently spoke about the dangers of tattoos.

“The minute you get a tattoo, you become a slave. During the times of old, the Israelites used to tattoo numbers on themselves to show that they were slaves of the Egyptians,” he said.

“Tattoos will take over your life. In America, once one becomes a rapper, they decide to get cartoons. But, study the rappers who have them and what their lives have become today. Take a look at Birdman. You never hear of him anymore. Lil Wayne as well. Whatever you draw on yourself, a demon will enter. Tattoos are strange,” the Bishop continued.

“If you have a tattoo on your skin, you cannot progress in this life. If someone wants to be president, he has to get rid of his tattoo. No royal person ever tattoos themselves either,” he further added.

He cautioned the youth that tattoos have negative effects both spiritually and physically.


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