Teach Your Daughters That Coming Home From A Failed Marriage Better Than Coming Home In A Coffin – Ohemaa Woyeje

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Award winning broadcast Journalist, entrepreneur and musician, Ohemaa Woyeje has advised young women to stop staying in abusive relationships all in the name of love.

The current rise in domestic abuse in Ghana has become very alarming especially since the most of the victims are dying prematurely.

In some recent cases over the past few months, three men have killed their wives and girlfriends after some misunderstanding. This has alerted a lot of human right activists in the country to strongly speak against domestic violence and advised women who are being abused to leave before it’s too late.

Adding her voice, Ohemaa Woyeje in an Instagram page has advised parents to stop advising their children to remain in abusive relationships to “protect” the family name.

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According to Ohemaa Woyeje, it is better for their daughters to come back home alive from a marriage than be returned in a casket.

See her post below;

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