Teacher Kwadwo ‘Agrees’ With A Man Who Said Teaching Was A Hindrance To His Blessings – Video

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Celebrity teacher, Teacher Kwadwo has agreed with a man who said teaching was a hindrance to his blessing saying all the man said is true, funny, and sad at the same time.

The man in a video said Teacher Kwadwo should be grateful that he’s been sacked from the classroom because teaching was a hindrance to his blessing and now that it’s out of the way, his blessings are going to overflow.

Using some people as example, the man assured Teacher Kwadwo that in 2yrs time he will become rich if he does something else as the teaching was preventing a lot of things in his life and he agreed with that.

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According to Teacher Kwadwo, everything the man said in the video is nothing but the truth and it sounds funny and sad at the same time because our teachers are not treated well and there’s no money in teaching.

video below;

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