Teacher Kwadwo flaunts his new car, shares Akufo Addo’s speech that says teachers can’t be millionaires

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Teacher Kwadwo has teased Nana Akufo Addo over his infamous speech wherein he stated that teachers can’t be millionaires by sharing a photo of the brand car he recently bought.

The content creator who once served as a professional teacher shared the speech made by the president last year when he mentioned that teachers cannot become millionaires in their field of work which outraged me.

Sharing a photo of his new whip, Kwadwo wrote; “You can’t be a teacher and become a millionaire” – Akuffo Addo.”

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Michael Owusu Afriyie, also known as Teacher Kwadwo, taught class four pupils at the Ashanti Region’s Akrofrom District Assembly Primary School.

He was allegedly accused by the GES of having engaged in professional misconduct and was earlier the subject of disciplinary action.

According to the GES, he missed 55 working days of school the prior academic year. He has also been demoted to the position of the classroom teacher as a result of his headteacher’s “incompetence” and failure to uphold his authority and discipline him.

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The School Improvement Support Officer (SISO) who was meant to supervise his work has also been moved from his current position to a classroom teacher in a different district.

The GES established a commission to look into the claimed professional misconduct. A summary was sent to the National level from the Regional level by the District.

The decision to end was made by the GES at the national level in a document dated October 27, 2021. Teacher Kwadwo, a licensed educator, was charged with disobeying the District Director’s directive to make lesson plans by refusing to do so.

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He was allegedly fired because he insisted on withholding his headteacher’s request for class notes submission.


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