Teenage boy plucks out the eye of a 12-year-old beggar for charms on grandmom’s instruction

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A Nigerian teenager has landed in big trouble with the law after he allegedly lured and plucked out the eye of a 12-year-old street beggar, Mustapha Yunusa, for charms in Kano State.

When he was arrested, he told the police that he committed the dastardly act upon the instruction of his grandmother who offered to prepare a disappearing charm for him with the eyes. The police shed light on the incident by saying;

“On March 20, a report was received from a resident of Sheka Dantsinke Quarters, Kano, that an unknown person took one Mustapha Yunusa, 12 years old to Rimin Hamza Quarters, Kano State, used a sharp kn#fe and removed his right eyeball and fled with it to an unknown destination.

Following the report, the police team immediately went to the scene and rushed the victim to a hospital where a Medical Doctor confirmed that the eyeball of the victim was forcefully removed using a sharp object, and the victim was admitted.

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Sustained efforts coupled with prolonged intelligence follow-up led to the arrest of the principal suspect, one Isah Hassan, 17, on March 29. During interrogation, the suspect confessed that he met his friend, Sani Abdulrahman, 16, and asked him where he can get a charm that will make him to disappear whenever he wants.

Sani directed him to his aged grandmother, one Furera Abubakar, 100. The principal suspect further confessed that he met Furera, and she instructed him to bring an eyeball of a human being to her so that she can prepare the charm for him.

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He went and deceived the victim, lured him to a nearby bush tied his hands and forcefully used a sharp knife and plucked his right eyeball. He took the eyeball to Furera and she told him to bring N500. As he did not have the money, she told him to keep it in a safe place and bring it when he got the money. He kept it for three days, later he discovered that the eyeball had decayed, and threw it away. Furera was subsequently arrested,” the statement read.

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