Teephlow details what prevented him from adding his voice to Medikal & Strongman recent beef

Medikal after winning the best rapper award at the 2019 VGMAs declared that for without him, Ghana rap music would have been dead and this statement did not sit well with Strongman.

Many are those who felt that TeePhlow, an award winning budding Fante wordplay rapper, would have been the one throwing shades at Medikal but that did not happen.

Lukman Baidoo aka TeePhlow during a celebrity interview with the finest radio broadcast journalist, Amansan Krakye in Cape Coast revealed his thoughts about Medikal claiming to have revived rap music.

“I was following the rap battle between Medikal and Strongman but by then I was busily chasing my visa to the USA so I couldn’t respond to them”.

“I think that if Medikal is claiming that he has awaken rap music in Ghana, in a way I would agree with him”.

“Medikal if you followed him dropped banger upon banger and made a hit with rap music and later he felt the streets needed omoada and wrowroho but the question is how many people are able to blow with a rap song”.

When Amansan Krakye asked TeePhlow if he felt that this rap battle between Medikal and Strongman has made him diminish his level in the rap scene, he said

“Even their bosses in the rap game rate me highly and those who really love and understand what rap music is about know that when it comes to rap music I stand tall among my peers”.

As a reminder, TeePhlow was named among the best top 50 rappers in Ghana by DJ Black and Hammer of the last two.


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