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For every business to thrive and succeed in it’s operations, the way it carries itself is key to it’s success. Advertising is therefore an essential mix in the growth of a business, because, you are communicating with an audience, who will be interested or not interested in your product or service.

For sometime now, there’s been a huge difference in the sort of telco adverts we see all on our television sets. Each telecom company in the country, want to be able to have the largest share of customers. But one thing for sure about Ghanaians, i admire soo much, is how they are able to copy and do it soo well. If you have watched recent adverts from these three telcos in the country, Vodafone, Airtel and Mtn, you would get the what am trying to establish. Sometime ago, i spoke about how MTN had robbed Vodafone’s idea on my previous blog, the chris handler show. I wrote about how MTN had used the same concept as Vodafone, because the main character for their “Vodafone Red” campaign, who is Funny Face, an actor,comedian and a musician and how MTN smartly also picked Lil Win for their “Aben Wa Ha” advert, who was also an actor, comedian and musician. We both know these two have huge following and extremely funny, so it was the best decision for these telcos, since the purpose of the advert was to get more people to subscribe to that service.

Moving forward, it has now become a norm, for these telcos to pick distinctive characters for their adverts. We all know Kalybos by now, you might have at least watched his adventurous videos on youtube, if not, you better check him out. I wasn’t surprised when i saw the him on my screens, doing an ad for a telco, Airtel Ghana. Did he possess any of the character traits of Lil Win and Funny Face? Yes! i would say, only that he is not a musician, but i can sure tell you that, he will soon release a single.

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Telcos in the country now, want to use people, who are funny, and have some sort of  following because everyone loves people who are fun to be with. And these people are able to grab your attention. Well, we’ve seen  Vodafone, Mtn and Airtel’s comic adverts, but we are yet to see that of Tigo’s another big telco in the country. Who will Tigo pick? Kwaku Manu or Bismark from Five Brides, or even perhaps someone we are not looking at.


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