Telenovelas Were No Match For Our Local Movies When I Used To Act Actively-Agya Koo

Kumawood actor, Agya Koo has vehemently claimed that telenovelas were no competition in this country when he was acting actively years ago. He is one of the few actors who hold the view that, the decline or the ailing health of the movie industry has got nothing to do with the influx of telenovelas on our TV screens.

Agya Koo who was speaking to Sandra of Adom Tv, today, September 27th, 2017 said that telenovelas had been there for years already and it’s not now that they are being shown on TV, so for him, he feels his colleagues should not blame the telenovelas for their downfall.

Quite recently, a group of Kumawood actors hit the street in a bid to campaign against the showing of telenovelas in the country as they believe it’s the reason people have lost interest in patronizing local movies.

“Telenovelas have long been there in the past but they couldn’t match up to the movies, that I featured in, so my colleagues shouldn’t blame the telenovelas for their downfall”–Agya Koo said


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