Telepurte face reveal, age, real name, and all facts

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Telepurte is a YouTube content creator who shares animated videos on her channel and as it stands now her fans are curious to know the real face.

In this post, we’ll get into details about all the things you need to know about the animated personality.

Who is Telepurte?

Telepurte is known as an animator and YouTuber with over a million subscribers on a popular video sharing platform but prefers to keep her identity hidden and live a private life away from the public domain.

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As an aminated creator, her works reflect her professionalism and her fans don’t hesitate to receive her innovative ideas and designs. With the character, Telepurte she portrays in videos and weaves a compelling plot.

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What’s Telepurte’s real name?

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The real name of Telepurte is Nila and this is known because of her Twitter account but her full name is not publicly available as her accomplices are yet to open up. The Telepurte character appears to be Japanese in origin. In this case, Nila is a Japanese girl who tells her story through animation so there’s no personal information about her available.

How old is Telepurte?

Since the Telepurte character came up she has done everything possible to keep her identity hidden hence her age and some other vital information about her are secret. Some of her content aims toward a mature audience however it’s safe to believe that she is above 18 years old. According to her, the majority of her animations are self-expression dialogues with herself.

Telepurte face reveal

Telepurte face has never been revealed at the time of this writing however there are a few videos on YouTube from other channels that speak about Telepurte face reveal but there’s no official information.

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