Tell Your Woman Never To Come Back If She Likes Visiting Her Mother All The Time – Man Claims

Popular Kenyan media personality identified as Eric has taken to the digital space to dish out a piece of advice to men regarding the contact between a wife and her mother.

He has emphasized that men should make the connection between a man’s wife and his mother very narrow else it will blew in his face in the long run.

According to Eric, if your wife visits her mother all the time and anytime she wants then understand that it’s a red flag for you to sit up.

He however added that after finding out the red flag you should either tell your wife to never come back or put a stop to it immediately.

In his words, “Men, Minimize the contact between your woman and her mother, Make their connection as narrow as possible, if she visits her mother all the time and anytime she wants, trust me, that’s a red flag. Put a stop immediately or tell her never to come back”


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