Tema DOVVSU senior officer snatches complainant’s husband

DOVVSU senior officer allegedly snatches complainant’s husband
DOVVSU senior officer allegedly snatches complainant’s husband

“I met her when she was researching a case I was working on. In Tema Katamanso, a 42-year-old woman accused a police officer of stealing her husband and having an affair with him.

The aggrieved lady, Mary Agbenu Edorla, has lost her husband, Stephen Tengey, to Detective Chief Inspector Divina Worlanya Afenu of the Katamanso Police Station’s Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit.

“This policewoman called my husband at unusual hours, but I was led to think she required information from him for her investigations,” she sobbed to DAILY GUIDE.

The offended lady stated it was Chief Inspector Afenu’s decision to let Mr. Tengey assist in the first inquiry.

“Now she has taken away my spouse in the pretext of investigations,” the lady said.

Madam Edorla stated she had been officially married to Mr. Tengey for three years and they had been happy until one day their domestic help disappeared.

“The girl actually stole my money, and when I reprimanded her, she left the house to an unknown place,” she added.

That evening, a neighbour and a policeman took the victim to the home, saying they had seen her loitering in an unfinished structure and that when questioned, she admitted her mother had threatened to attack her.

Madam Edorla stated she was called to the police station to provide a statement and to meet the victim’s biological parents.

After returning home, my husband drove to the police station, where Chief Inspector Afenu was the case officer.

After seeing the victim’s biological parents, the case officer instructed my husband to travel to the victim’s village.

When I asked why Chief Inspector Afenu was calling my husband at night, he said it was part of their investigations (sic).

“I accepted this excuse until one day when I saw some nude pictures she had sent to the mobile phone of my husband, and that was when I discovered that they were having an affair,” she said.

She stated Chief Inspector Afenu first disputed the accusation until she saw her husband leave the policewoman’s home the next morning.

When she confronted them, her husband allegedly attacked her.

“I initially reported the matter to some senior police officers at the station where the woman works, but they did nothing, so personally, I reported the case to Chief Superintendent Adu, the Divisional Commander,” she disclosed.

Concerning Chief Inspector Afenu’s alleged romance, Chief Supt Kwadwo Badu-Adu told the media that the lady had reported it to his unit.

His office’s DOVVSU section is handling the matter, but they haven’t gotten Stephen Tengey to help with the investigations.


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