Teresa Terry : Everything to know about Todd Christly’s Ex Wife

Teresa Terry was born in South Carolina in the United States of America in 1971 and known widely as the Former wife of Todd Christly.

Teresa Terry Education

Teresa attended a high school in South Carolina and later further up her Education to one of the topmost universities in America. There is no details of what she studied at the university and the college she enrolled.

Many people are curious of Teresa’s career but she was only known as the estranged wife to the tv personality Todd Chrisley. It is believed that her ex- husband’s fame overshadowed her. Teresa never opened up about her work or profession.

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Teresa may likely has a profession or something she likes doing but her low profile lifestyle makes it difficult to get such information about her.

Teresa and Todd met in their school days and developed love for each other from there. Their love blossomed since they are teenagers. Teresa was just 17 years by then. Since Todd was raised up in a social home, they frequently hung out during the weekends and after school together with their friends.

Teresa Terry marriage to Todd Christly 

Todd proposed to Teresa when he was 21 and Teresa was 19 years old. And Teresa got pregnant that very year. Not too long after the proposal, they got married. Later, they moved into a real estate where they lived.

Teresa Terry
Teresa Terry And d Todd on the day of their marriage.

Their union was blessed with two lovely children namely; Kyle Chrisley and Lindsie Chrisley. As most mothers are, Teresa is closer and has a great relationship with her daughter than her son.

At the starting of their marital journey, they have a marriage lifestyle that seems to be beautiful but after seven years of marriage, Teresa filled for a divorce in November 1994 alleging that she suffered domestic violence in the hands of Todd.

It became clear that their marriage was not built on love at the beginning but rather was situational. Based on an interview with Todd, he detailed that if hadn’t got pregnant at the first place, there would not be any marriage between him and Teresa. This shows that the marriage was hanging by thread since day one.

On the part of Teresa, her marriage with Todd was as turbulent. According to her, Todd had been physically and verbally abused her throughout their marriage. She added that he had a lousy drinking habit but Todd denied the domestic violence allegations leveled against him in court.

Teresa and Todd dragged the divorce case for a very long time most especially when it comes to who would take custody of the children. Later, there were given shared custody of their children and the divorce procedure was finalized in 1996. But in 2002, Todd appealed for a sole custody and won it.

Both of them moved on with their life after the divorce. Teresa then found love again and got married. As Teresa always remain low key, her recent spouse has remained a mystery. She has two children from her new marriage too and currently lives with her new family in Oklahoma.

Teresa Terry Net Worth 

Since nothing is known about Teresa’s profession or career, it is hard to talk about her net worth. But her divorce with Todd helped her massively to accumulate some net worth for herself. Her net worth is about $150k.


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