The Adam and Eve Family Tree

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Adam and Eve are believed to be the first man and woman to be created by God from dust. However, the story did not end there; there is much more to that. Adam is known to be the first man to be created by the creator and later, God took one of his ribs to create Eve to be Adam’s helper and companion.

After their creation, they were warned not to eat from a particular tree and something accidental happened in the garden, Garden of Eden.

A serpent, who is biblically known to be Satan tried all possible means to convince Eve to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree whereas, also convincing Adam to also eat from. Satan deceived them that, the tree would make them so intelligent than they’ve ever imagined. After Adam and Eve had eaten the fruit, they realised they weren’t clothed. So they were cast out of the garden by God for disobedience.

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Adam and Eve Family Tree

Adam and Eve

Adam and his wife, Eve were believed to be the first occupants on earth. Eve gave birth to many children. Each time she conceived, she birthed twins, a boy and a girl. According to some sources, Eve gave birth about two hundred and twenty times. In this case, it is estimated that she had two hundred and Twenty sons and two hundred and twenty girls.

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And Adam lived to see his grandchildren. Adam and Eve have had children who aren’t mentioned in the Holy Scriptures may be due to their number. However, those who were mentioned are a few selected ones.

The Sons of Adam

Eve gave birth to Cain and his twin, Qila in her first birth. She also gave birth to Abel and his twin whom Cain is believed to have married. Next, Eve gave birth to Seth. Adam was 130 years old when his son Seth was born. According to sources, Cain was the first to be born on earth and Able was the first to also die and buried.

Did Adam’s Sons Marry Their Sisters?

Adam and Eve’s children were allowed to marry each other but on the condition that, the sons who are from the same belly should not have permission to marry each other. In this case, a male from the belly could marry his sister from the belly before him and the female would also be permitted to marry her brother from the belly after her.

This was maintained until the children increased in numbers and later, it was declared that it was absolutely wrong and forbidden for a brother to marry his sister.

It is however said that, all descendants of Adam and descendants of his sons have passed away leaving only Seth’s descendants. From them came the descendants of every living soul on earth.

Consequences of Adam and Eve’s Sin To Their Descendants

The sins of the first man and woman, Adam and Eve affect their children eternally. Just after they are from the forbidden tree, they were banned from the Garden of Eden and thrown out to the earth. They had to start life all over again. When they gave birth, their children and all their descendants also followed suit.

Since then, sin has always been part of human life and has also been so effective in the lives of humans in the society and on earth.

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