The Battle Of The Hearts: The Wife Vs The Baby Mama , Who Wins Zionfelix’s Heart?

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It has become a common trend for men in Ghana and across the globe to have multiple partners even after marriage.

These other partners have successfully coined the name “side chick, side piece,” among others. Now let’s go a little bit into the Biblical knowledge. It’s common knowledge especially to Christians or religious students who have read the Bible that the wisest man was King Solomon.

King Solomon and his wives

As the wisest man in the Bible, he decided to have over one thousand women. Strange right? In my personal opinion, I don’t think he slept with all these 300 wives and 700 concubines. I think he wanted to reduce the rate of poverty among his people by making the women enjoy some of his wealth.

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In the typical Ghanaian society, most women from particular tribes use their wealth to take care of their parents and that helps the parents eliminate poverty from their lineage. Perhaps, that was the plan of King Solomon.

Let’s not divert from the topic at hand especially since King Solomon was the wisest man on earth and his decisions and actions are between him and his God.

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Most women of today no longer leave their husbands just because they cheated. Some stay until they can no longer endure it and decide to divorce them.

Let’s take blogger Zionfelix’s case for instance. Zionfelix has been in a relationship with Minalyn for a very long time. Afia Schwarzenegger even alleged that Zion stole Mina from his friend Yemme Baba who is also a blogger.


It was so clear that Zion and Mina were going to walk down the aisle this year but unfortunately for them, Zion’s “sexcapades” with a South African musician Erica literally ruined their plans.

Erica came to Ghana to do music but for some reason decided to seek Zionfelix’s help and he helped her by impregnating her. (Pun intended).

Anyway, Zion had no choice but to do the needful by performing the necessary rites to accept his child with Erica.

Zionfelix and Erica

A few weeks later, Zion’s original girlfriend Minalyn who was pregnant unbeknownst to us gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Now Zion is officially a father of two kids. One boy from Erica and one girl from Minalyn. But as we know, side chicks never get the front role in the man’s life. The side Chick is always hidden and not shown at events. She is practically that play toy a man goes to pick up whenever he is bored or lonely or when his wife denies him sex.

Zionfelix has taken to social media to post videos and pictures of his girlfriend Minalyn who is now his fiancée for all to know she is the first woman in his life.

Zionfelix and Minalyn

The question here is what happens to Erica? How is Zionfelix going to balance his relationship with his wife and baby mama?

Minalyn showing her baby bump

Share your thoughts with us in the comments session.


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