The Black Crowes Founder, Chris Robinson Net Worth

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The Black Crowe founder, Chris Robinson net worth is in excess of 9 million, how did he make all that money as an artiste?

In this article, we zoom in on the life of Chris Robinson, his music career, his net worth and all that there is to know about him and his Black Crowe music band which he founded with his brother Rich Robinson in 1984.

The band has Chris as its lead singer.

Chris Robinson net worth has had a boost as he is the lead singer in The Black Crowe Band.

Chris Robinson net worth: biography

The Black Crowes Founder
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Christopher Mark Robinson was born in Marietta, Georgia in December 1966.

He and his brother Rich formed the band Mr Crowe’s Garden in 1984.

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The band played at clubs in the Atlanta area and cited The Rolling Stones and The Faces as influences.

The Robinsons changed their band name from Mr Crowe’s Garden to The Black in 1989.

They were signed to Def American Records and released their debut album Shake Your Money Maker in 1990.

They went on tour with The Black Crowes but were fired due to Chris criticizing corporate sponsorship too much.

With The Black Crowes, Chris recorded nine studio albums.

Chris Robinson Solo Career

The Black Crowes

After a while, Chris Robinson went solo.

He was a solo artist away from his brother, Rich with whom he founded The Black Crowe band.

As a solo artist Robinson has released five albums from 2002 to 2007.

It is worthy of note that Chris Robinson net worth isn’t down to his solo career which he had for five years, he actually made much of his money as the lead singer in The Black Crowe band with his brother.

The Black Crowe Reunited

After about five years of parting ways, The Black Crowe reunited.

They released Croweology in 2010 to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary.

Another project, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood, was started in 2011.

The band has released two studio albums.

Personal Life

Chris Robinson Net Worth
Chris Robinson Net Worth

Away from the music scene, he has been busy finding love.

Chris found love in 1996 when he got married to Lala Sloatman.

What looked like a long-term relationship lasted for only two years as they got divorced in 1998.

Still not giving up on love, Chris again got married to another woman in Kate Hudson in 2000. That marriage also lasted for 7 years, from 2000 to 2007.

At this point, one would have thought that he would just not try to marry again, but that’s wrong.

He found love again in 2009 when he married for the third time, to Allison Bridges. That marriage also ended in 2018.


If anyone would benefit immensely from Chris Robinson net worth, it has to be his children, so who are Chris’s children?

Well, from his numerous marriages, Chris Robinson has two children: Ryder Robinson and Cheyenne Genevieve Robinson.

Chris Robinson net worth

Chris has made quite a lot of money from The Black Crowe band.

The Black Crowe founder, according to, is worth $9 million.

Chris Robinson has earned his net worth by being the lead singer of the band The Black Crowes.

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