The Brain Behind The ‘Fake UN’ Awards Mr. Fodjour Comes Out To Clear The Air About His Award Scheme

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Dr. Kwame Owusu Fodjour, who happens to be the brain behind the Fake UN Awards has come out to clear the air about his Award Scheme.

Since yesterday, beneficiaries of the Award Scheme have been heavily trolled on social media for mot cross checking and falling victim to such a Fake Award Scheme not leaving the founder out.

The originator of the award Scheme due to the brouhaha has come out with a statement giving more clarification about the award Scheme as he tried to defend his work.

In the statement he made mention of the Award being awarded by the Blueprint Mission which was founded by former UN Secretary Kofi Annan and went ahead to state certain achievements by the organization.

Dr. Kwame Owusu Fodjour at the latter of his statement urged the media to conduct proper research and availed himself for further questions and scrutiny.

Statement below;

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