The Challenge: Explore Ashley Mitchell And Hunter Barfield’s Feud

This article sheds more light on the feud between Ashley Mitchell, a Challenge champion, and Hunter Barfield, a colleague.

Ashley Mitchell, the Challenge champion, made history for the team when she chose to keep the $1 million prize for herself rather than share it with colleague Hunter Barfield, citing his treatment of her as justification. Since then, she has disclosed the reason behind their argument.

Ashley Mitchell million-dollar prize challenge

Ashley Mitchell returned for The Challenge: Dirty 30 with Hunter Barfield in episode 8 as Mercenaries, having left the show practically as soon as it started.

The two went on to win, but because of his treatment of her, she famously took the entire $1 million reward for himself. In an interview with the podcast Most Likely Two in February 2023, the two-time champion talked about why she decided to take the money and run.

She clarified that, contrary to what some viewers may think, she wasn’t thrilled with the decision and that she didn’t expect anyone would give the money to their “enemy.” Ashley went on to say that she was raised in a low-income family and is originally from West Virginia.

She feels sorry that it had an impact on Hunter and sees it as her “opportunity.” She expanded on this later in the show. The reality TV actress claims that she “manifested” her place on the season and became irate when she received a call from producers informing her that she had not been selected. Ashley said, nevertheless, that she was contacted again over her mercenary status.

Ashley speaks on beef with Hunter Barfield

The West Virginia native recalled promising herself that she would win a million dollars before the chance presented itself, and she practiced her speech multiple times. The Real World star wasn’t reluctant when it happened even though she said she didn’t want to since she knew she had to.

Ashley acknowledged she didn’t know what would have occurred if Hunter had treated her well during the season when she was questioned if she would have followed through. Despite acknowledging it wouldn’t have been as simple, she believes she would have accepted it because of the exceptional chance.

The two-time champion also revealed the beginning of their feud. She claims that when they landed in South Africa to start filming, they still had their phones.

She says that while they were still at the hotel, he asked to have sex with her, but she turned him down. Ashley says that was the beginning of their argument because he was very angry with his partner for having an affair with fellow cast member Kyle Christie while they were living together.

Ashley gave him the rundown on why she left him without winning because he believed that her lack of concentration would cost him the match. He famously called her names and chastised her during their collaboration.

Ashley Mitchell last winnings

After their victory, they went back for War of the Worlds, where Hunter exacted revenge on her and his then-partner Chase McNary.

Georgia Harrison, a native of the United Kingdom, and he put on an outstanding performance together, winning three daily tasks. He qualified for the finals as well and placed sixth.

Hunter hasn’t come back since the appearance because he became a father afterward. However, Ashley came back for War of the Worlds 2, where she and her enormous coalition advanced to the finals.

But many of her comrades famously ran out of breath and lost to Team UK, the underdogs. Ashley seemed to be turning things around for last season’s Spies, Lies, and Allies after two consecutive early exits, but an off-camera confrontation between her and veteran Josh Martinez ended in her disqualification.



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