The Christian Bible Is Just An Inspirational Book Not Anything Sacred – Worlasi

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The Supreme Rights Music act, Worlasi has stated categorically that he don’t believe in the sacred book or better still the Bible used by the followers of Jesus Christ – Christians.

Speaking on Zylofon FM, the rapper voiced that he sees the Christian Bible as an inspirational book not as the infallible word of the ultimate reality – God. He shared his sentiment on the delicate matter when he was asked if he believes in the most popular ‘book’ on earth, Bible.

If you say believe, I don’t know what you mean by believe but I wouldn’t say I believe in the Bible.” he said in a recent interview on Zylofon Fm.

Despite his disbelieve in the Christian Bible, he added that he only takes inspiration from it that’s to say when he gets time to read.

“Yeah, I respect the Bible anyway. I cannot tell you that I have to believe in Allah before I read the Qur’an, it doesn’t make any sense. I can read the Qur’an or the Bible for inspiration.”

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For clarity sake, Worlasi is well-known for his collaborations with rapper M.Anifest for they’ve joined hands to serve music enthusiasts with hot jams including 100% track by M.Anifest.