“The Concept Of Luck Was Created By Lazy People To Explain Why Others Succeed Where They Failed”, Reno Omokri Reckons

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Reno Omokri is somewhat of a philosopher and his followers on Twitter are avid lovers of knowledge. He often rants a lot on the social messaging app and when he decides to spit out truths of life, you’re sure to be better off when you heed to them.

It is a common practice for an individual to blame their failures and predicaments on the fact that they are not lucky enough.

When they see people succeeding where they have seemingly failed at, the classify those who have achieved the success as being lucky enough.

Author Reno Omokri believes that luck, as people always look to it, is no-existent to him, insisting that the concept was created by lazy people who always seek to use that concept to explain why they have failed where others are succeeding.

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According to him, when those succeeding were working day and night, others lazy around and wasting away their lives rather than getting busy too.

He stated further, that those who succeed are the ones who set goals for themselves and strive day and night to achieve them rather than sit behind the television, watch football stars earn their daily bread by kicking a football and engage in unnecessary arguments about them.

“Those you call lucky were working while you slept. They strategised, while you watched TV. They set goals, while you discussed football. The concept of luck does not exist. It was created by lazy people to explain why others succeed where they fail,” Reno Omokri wrote.

Comments came in, as usual, others in disagreement and some believing that reno’s thoughts are spot-on.

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