The constitution of Ghana is one of the biggest enemy of the development of this country – Flex K Germain

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Ghanaian Online Broadcaster and Artist Promoter, Flex Germain have made an assertion concerning the direction this country is heading to.

There have been so many social media uprising with some celebrities and concerned citix=znes voicing out their frustrations against the ruling government.

Whiles many have called on the government to put proper measures in place to fix the country, others are also of the view that the nation would be a better place if the citizen changes their way of living.

It is in view of this that Flex German has noted that one of the biggest problems hindering the progress of this country is the constitution was which was set up in 1992.

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In a lengthy post on Facebook, Germain wrote;

“The constitution of Ghana is one of the biggest enemy of the development of this country, a lot of things in there do not see the positive impact of the people.
The constitution have over lived its usefulness and its high time a strategic REVIEW of the 1992 constitution begins.
The president has been given so much powers to do almost everything ( so wrong )
We vote for MPs only to be told they are only there for laws ( which better laws ) ?
DCEs , MMDCES are appointed instead of voted on to be held accountable for their stewardship by the people.
All these breeds lack of development in the country
If these guys are voted and not appointed the people can decide who they want to be their leader at the regional, district , and metropolitan levels.
EXGRATIA , who ever smuggled that into the constitution has done a great disservice to this nation, a lot of waste.
The only time MPs both opposition and government become one is when they are deciding on how much they should be paid for their EXGRATIA sad 😢
Appointment of 50% ministers from parliament is one of the jokes in the constitution, where will be the checks and balances?!
Ghana ankasa we need to change a lot. We channel a lot of things into unnecessary ventures.
If we want the system to work, we should first of all tackle the entrenched positions in the constitution cos we can talk all day we no go go anywhere if things are left to be as it is !
Judges are appointed by President, security heads , corruption agency heads, and you think that’s ok ?
We dey joke !!”

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See his post below;

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