The Deez Nuts Guy: Is Welven Da Great Dead?

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There were rumors that The Deez Nuts Guy is dead which triggered most people to react on the internet and now we’re going to get into details about Welven Da Great death hoax

Who is Welven Da Great?

Welven Da Great gained prominence after he shared a comedy video skit in 2015 and that was when he got the name, The Deez Nuts Guy. The video was just 15-second and it became sensational after posting it on the internet.

Well, not long ago the internet went wild after it was reported that Welven Da Great was dead, and in this article, we’re going to learn more about it.

Welven Da Great
Welven Da Great

Is The Deez Nuts Guy dead or alive?

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Welven Da Great is not dead he is very much alive doing well.

It was reported that the internet sensation had died but it turned out to be a death hoax. He even came online to react to the rumors as he urged people not to believe them.

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Welven Da Great debunks death hoax

Welven Da Great started trending on YouTube after It was reported that he had died and this grew rapidly to infiltrate other social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and others.

But the good thing was that the comedian is well and alive as he exclusively reacted to the rumors of him being dead and his reaction was hilarious.

Wolven Da Great on Instagram

The Deez Nuts Guy is known to be a comedian and internet sensation who has thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

He has managed to accumulate a huge audience on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms

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