The Doctor Refused To Save My Daughter’s Life Because He Thought She Was A Fante’- Late Suzzie Williams’s Mum Reveals (+Video)

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Mother of the late actress, Suzzie Williams has for the first time in 14 years after the death of her daughter has opened up about her daughter and how she was strangely murdered in an interview with Stacy Amoateng on her ‘Restoration’ show.

Suzzie Williams who died aged 23 on 8th September 2005 was just getting to the peak of her career and her death shocked Ghanaians and it’s still been described as one of the most painful celebrity deaths.

The late Suzzie’s mum known as Cecelia Williams has revealed in her interview with Stacy that, she believes her daughter was murdered and also the doctor at the time refused to save her daughter because of tribalism.

Narrating the sad story, she disclosed that the day her daughter got involved in an accident, she had seen that in a dream that afternoon and felt uncomfortable as she felt something terrible was going to happen and even told her husband about it.

She also revealed that her daughter started dating a certain guy when her career picked up and she never liked the guy and warned her daughter not to date the guy because she had a bad feeling about the guy but late Suzzie didn’t listen to her back then.

Madam Cecelia Williams continued to reveal that, when her daughter was involved in the accident, she was called around 2 am on 8th September and got to the hospital to see a syringe pierced through her daughter’s neck through to the nose and she wasn’t even dead at the time.

She continued to say that, the negligence of the doctor then was the reason why he daughter died and that the doctor had the nerve to tell her, it’s better she’s made to die because even if she survives, she would be a burden to them.

She further went on to say in the interview that, a year after the death of her daughter, she went to the hospital that caused the death of her daughter and after meeting the doctor, the doctor told her, he didn’t know she was an Ewe, like he would have done his best to save her and that he thought he was one of those ‘disrespectful’ Fante girls.

It was sad watching her narrate how her daughter was left to die because of tribalism.

Watch the video below and share this story.



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