The First Thing I Did With My First 10 Million Naira From Vlogging Was To Pay My Tithe

Vlogger and Media personality, Toke Makinwa has revealed to her followers that the first thing she did after she earned her first 10 Million Naira, was to pay tithe out of it.

Vlogger Toke Makinwa paid her tithe after she got her first 10M Naira

She also added that it was really the first time that she gave God that much money from her sweat and hustle.

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She made this revelation as she recounted how she made her first 10 Million, which came in 2015, having been in business for some ten years.

According to Toke Makinwa, it’s still fresh in her mind because it was the first time she saw that many zeros on a cheque issued to her.

She wrote; “I remember this one in particular because It was the first time I saw that many zeros in a Cheque”.

Quite amusingly, she stated that she had had to do so many free jobs just for the exposure and thus laugh off any critics who judge he success as if he got it on a silver platter. Inferring from her statement, she got this far by dint of hard work she put into her hustle.

Her full post reads;

How I made my first 10 Million Naira

I have been in business for 10 years. The Vlog this week took me back to when I first made my first 10 million naira. It was in 2015, I remember this one in particular because It was the first time I saw that many zeros in a Cheque. I know people usually share their first 1m but to be honest I can’t remember when I made my first 1 million naira, it was always either a couple of jobs here and there, if I put it together it’ll be a little over 1m or less but 5 years ago, while feeling like this hustle would not pay, I got 10 million naira in one day. The exchange rate has made that soooo little today but back then, baby girl just arrived. ???? and it still feels like yesterday. I laugh when people see the now and judge my success, I remember how many free jobs I did, how many times I worked for exposure, how difficult hearing “No” was, those days were my days of humble beginnings and I hope that as you watch this video, you never give up. My tithe was the first thing I paid from it, it was also the very first time I was giving God that much money at once. I invested heavily in the brand you see today. You can watch full Vlog on my YouTube channel, link is in my bio 


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