The Issue With Sex For Grades Is All Over The World, The Only Problem Is How Africa Has Normalized It – Lydia Forson (+Screenshots)

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Ghanaians didn’t wake up to good news yesterday 7th October, 2019 as a BBC exposé on lecturers who exchange sex for grades with female students featured two of our prominent lecturers.

This issue has gone on back and forth as many celebrities keep on sharing their opinion on their various social media platforms.

One of such celebrity is outspoken actress and entrepreneur Lydia Forson.
Lydia Forson who has always portrayed herself as a feminist and a human right advocate took to her Twitter page to share a series of thoughts on the ongoing mayhem.

According to Lydia Forson, almost every woman has a story they are too scared, too ashamed or too frustrated to talk about. For fear of being judged most women who have suffered abuse one way or another keep mute and suffered silently.

Lydia further added that, the issue of exchanging sex for grades is not a new thing happening as it occurs across the globe, but the only problem with such case is how it is being normalized in Africa.

“When these stories of harassment come out, so many people Summersault to find blame in the victim, defend perpetrators and dismiss the story all together; only because of their own guilt.
They fear/ know what lines they have crossed themselves.” Lydia added.

In light of this , one of the accused lecturers in the footage, Professor Gyampo of University of Ghana Legon, with his team of lawyers have decided to sue BBC for defamation.

Read Lydia Forson’s posts below;

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