The lady I’ll marry has to be beautiful and a good cook – Kuami Eugene

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From all indications, it’s obvious Kuami Eugene of Lynx Entertainment fame is turning no stone unturned in reference to the by-product of fame. By-product; money and ladies.

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For there have been a lot of online publicity about Kuami Eugene and his affairs with ladies. Simply put, Kuami Eugene is gradually becoming the ladies’ man, ceteris paribus.

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Not too long ago, Kaumi Eugene made Ghanaians privy that he’s currently 100 percent single. The reason being that he has experienced lots of failed relationships, therefore, for history not to repeat itself, no dating for now!

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Arguably, Kuami can no longer tolerate single lifestyle as he has revealed in an interview with AJ Sarpong his ideal woman in the future perhaps as a sign of inviting “applications” from ladies yearning for him in their dreams.

“At least she should be beautiful, smart and can prepare some good food”, Kuami Eugene said.

So, there you’ve it. Any lady wishing and praying to settle down with the budding musician should not only be good looking but kitchen gymnastics too is important to the “Angela” hitmaker.

Watch full interview below if you’ve quantum data. Lol



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