The Love Sister Derby And Kofi Mole Share Is Adorable, Could They Be The Next Couple?

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Video vixen Sister Derby and rapper Kofi Mole, have been interacting and spending time together for sometime now.

This might sound surprising because most people haven’t observed how the two keep popping up in each others photos, videos and posts.

The two have commented on each others post countless times and have been seen together a number of times as well.

A recent interaction of the two which caught our attention was a post made by Sister Derby on twitter which had a photo of her and Kofi Mole as usual.

Kofi Mole seeing the post, reacted by retweeting the post and adding a love emoji which is something they both do often.

The two show each other love time to time and it is no doubt how the two look cute together as friends, though sometimes one might be tempted to think there might be more to it.

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