The Man Who Sold The Car To Sarkodie & What You Don’t Know About The Alleged Theft

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News broke out that Sarkodie had been invited by the police over a car theft issue. reported this news to you and in the article, we mentioned that, Sarkodie had gone to register the car he had bought from one car dealer at the DVLA office in Accra, where he was the picked up by the police to assist in investigations.

Reports however are that, he was granted bail as police continued with their investigations but it appears that, Sarkodie had no idea about  the car theft.

The man who sold the car to Sarkodie, known as Dosty has come out to clear the air by disclosing what really happened and how Sarkodie got involved in.

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In a post to Instagram, Dosty apologised to Sarkodie and explained that, it was an in law who he wanted to pay back who had gone to report the car as missing.

Read his explanation below:

“First of all I will like to apologize to sarkodie for whatever is going on…I didn’t know it will end this way ..okay having said I will like to take this opportunity to set the record straight so that Ghanaians will let sark be..look in that picture, what u see ?the right car is the infinity they are talking about ..I sold that car to sark make a long story short uncle bought that car for my brother in law and when the car got to Ghana my brother in law didn’t like it so my sister asked me to buy it instead of letting the government impound the car ..I sent her money to clear it and later we talk business when I get to Ghana I got to Ghana and my sister told me things had changed cos my in-law said he like the car now ..(FOUL PLAY ) was cool about it ..later my brother in-law said he will buy my Range Rover when am returning to the states he gave me the car which I had already paid 10k $$ and said he will take my Range Rover and give me the difference ..he was aware that I sold the car to sark ..a stolen car doesn’t have two keys and all documents ..okay it was time to come to the states my in law was like his money is not right so it’s better I sell the Range and balance him I was like it’s time for me to teach him a lesson too lol ..I sold the Range Rover and didn’t pay him the difference cos technically the infinity is mine he was also smart about it and reported the case to the police that the car has been stoled ..Didn’t know until sark called me fewdays ago that he was trying to register the car and he was told the car is a stolen car ..#FamilyIssues#LifeNLessons #RealityCheck

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Apparently, it turns out Dosty is a childhood friend of Sarkodie and grew up in the same neighborhood with him, so it was a harmless transaction buying from an old friend. also gathered that, the car Sarkodie bought from the friend is a 2015 edition of the Infiniti Q60 Coupe which is selling around $37,000. 

Sarkodie has great taste for cars and sources disclose that he fell in love with the car the very first time he saw it and drove it.

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