The National Security is packed with unintelligent people’- Adam Bonaa

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Chief Executive Officer of the Securities Warehouse Limited, Adam Bonaa has slammed personnel of the National Security for the way they handled Citi FM’s Caleb Kudah.

Recall that Caleb Kudah was arrested by the National Security for filming on their premises without authorization. Caleb narrated how he was brutalized while in the custody of the policemen during interrogation.

Following the claims, the National Security released a statement saying they’ll be investigating Caleb Kudah’s claims against them. The statement further said Caleb entered the premises of National Security under ‘false pretense’.

However, Adam Bonaa told 3FM that the National Security cannot say they’re investigating the claims when they had already declared he entered their premises through false pretense.

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In his statement, he said if the young journalist was able to breach security by lying his way into the premises of the national security, then they are not intelligent one bit.

“I think we should just disregard the statement they put out. They have already made conclusions where they said they are going to investigate so what investigations culminated into you realizing that Caleb used false pretenses to have access to the place. If he did then it means you people are not intelligent. For me they are such an embarrassment to the country”.

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“The National Security is one of the wasteful ministries we have in the country parked with unintelligent people. If you know what intelligence means, it means their work is to share intelligence with the Police, Immigration to act upon it”.

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