“The only thing a man must beat out of his wife is Poverty” – Reno Omokri opines

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"The only thing a man must beat out of his wife is Poverty" – Reno Omokri opines

Popular Nigerian author, Reno Omokri, has served his fans with a fresh dose of advice as to how men can make their homes a safe haven in the advent of a high rate of divorce and homicide cases.

According to Reno, it is never acceptable for a man to raise his hands on a woman; not to talk of his wife. He advised husbands never to retaliate when they are provoked by their wives.

Reno stressed that a real man is the one who beats out poverty out of the life of his spouse through hard work and an unflinching desire to make life better for both.

“The only thing a man should beat out of his wife is poverty. Never beat her. God designed your hand to slap away the disgrace of poverty from your wife, not to slap pain into her face. Even if she insults you, bear it. If it gets too much, go out!

If you pick the bills in your house, your wife wont pick quarrels with you. In fact, she will join your children to call you ‘daddy’. To dominate, simply eliminate poverty from your home. When your wife does not see bills, you will feel thrills!” he tweeted.

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