The Only Way To Revive Ghana Movie Industry Is To Produce Good Local Content – Gloria Sarfo

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In the last few years, the Ghana movie industry has suffered some setbacks, including poor patronage of movies, piracy amongst others.

One major factor that movie producers and actors have lamented about is the influx of telenovelas on our TV screens which has diverted the public’s attention from locally made movies.

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For  Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Gloria Osei Sarfo, the only way to get rid of telenovelas is good local content on television.

“I will be glad if they go away because that is what the movie lovers are talking about. I will be glad as a Ghanaian actor when that is done, but then I am looking at the content we produce; we need good content on TV and I think that can solve the problem.

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“We should think about replacing them with content that is fulfilling and will be interesting to watch. That is what we can do as producers and directors; however, there is what the bigger bodies like the government are supposed to do to curb the situation and I pray in due time, they attend to it,” she told Graphic Showbiz recently.

She added that she has been one of the advocates against telenovelas despite getting a job as a chat room host of an Indian telenovela on Angel TV.

“Honestly, if you ask me, I was one of the advocates against telenovelas which I always talk about on my social media handle, but this came as a good tiding and I had to grab it. I saw it as God’s blessings and I didn’t have to let it go like that,” she said.

Gloria, who is also an entrepreneur, said her new business venture, Glo City, was doing well.

“Glo City is doing amazing and we thank God for the progress. It’s been awesome, we aren’t even a year old but the progress is unimaginable. I thank God I was able to establish this. I love fashion and also love to see people look good, so I had to make sure I did this,” she explained.

Gloria, who is part of the cast of Shirley Frimpong Manso’s movie, Perfect Picture-10 Years Later, told Graphic Showbiz that it felt good to be a part of something she missed out on 10 years ago.

“I felt so great being part of this movie. I remember 10 years ago I went for the audition of Perfect Picture, I got everything right but I was dropped at the last minute and the next thing was to enjoy the movie in the cinema, which was perfect like its name.”

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