“The opposite Of Stingy Woman Is A Hardworking Woman, Not Closing Legs”-Reno Omokri Tells Women

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Nigerian author Reno Omokri will be the last person to cease to amaze as he can’t just keep himself out of the headlines in any trending issues in Nigeria and Africa.

In his latest epistle, he sought to address issues surrounding the now famous stingy movement.

What started as a movement for men who do not want to pay for anything beyond what they can afford, has now had women also forming one such union of their own.

As with that of men, which has to do with money, that of women has to do with what lies between their legs.

They argue that if the men are refusing to pay, they will also close their legs and won’t open them up for men apparently as a way of punishing them for refusing to pay.

Taking to Twitter to address the issue, Reno Omokri said that women’s resolve to close their legs is neither here nor there.

He said that the opposite of a ‘stingy woman’ is a ‘hardworking woman’ and not one who merely just closes her legs.

According to Reno Omokri, saying you’ll close your legs says much about you and it is not funny at all.

One would ask if what lies between their legs is all there is to a woman and without it, they cannot do anything for themselves.

You corrupt morals when you even equate stinginess to the closing of legs, he added.

In his understanding of the situation, such women will even open up for a thief as long as they will get a few currencies from them.

“The opposite of a stingy woman is a hardworking woman, not a closed leg woman. It says much about you.

It is not funny.

You corrupt morals when you even equate stinginess to closing of legs.

It means you can open for a generous thief or kidnapper!” Reno Omokri wrote on Twitter.



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