The pastors bashing me should concentrate on winning souls – Mmebusem claps back

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Sensational Ghanaian actor, MMebusem regularly known as “Ghana Jesus” has come under intense criticism by religious folks taking into consideration his comical philosophy – mimicking the works of Jesus Christ.

Following his viral video, Veteran Ghanaian gospel musician Cindy Thompson admonished the actor to stop using Jesus’ name in vain, but Mmebusem clapped back accordingly saying Cindy Thompson doesn’t even know the true personality of Jesus Christ.

Not only Cindy Thomson, but Pastor Brian Jones, actress Joselyn Dumas and other born-again Christians in Ghana have all expressed their displeasure about the weird move of actor Mmebusem.

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Mmebusem reacting to the Pharisees who have teamed up against him in a virtual interview with Amansan Krakye of Cape Coast-based radio Central fame angrily made it emphatic that the pastors who feel uncomfortable with his educative skits built on humor should concentrate on winning souls!

“Those pastors should concentrate on winning souls for God because that is their ultimate calling and task in the ministry. Their calling is not to bash me! I am promoting Jesus’ works via comedy so I don’t get these pastors”, Mmebusem angrily said.

So, if this is anything to go by then those born-again Christians and pastors who have been trying their very best to stop MMebusem from mimicking the works of Jesus Christ should forget about the actualisation of their agenda. This is because from all indications, Mmebsem isn’t stopping any time soon, ceteris paribus!

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