The Pastors You Are Running To With Marital Issues, Are Unhappy In Theirs So Stop Relying On Them- Gifty Adorye Advises(+Video)

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Gifty Osei

When a marriage between a couple is in shambles, usually the first point of call is running to pastors for solutions especially the women.

While some pastors end up sleeping with these vulnerable women, others end up worsening the case instead of solving it.

That been said, Award winning Gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye, has advised couples to stop running to pastors with their marital problems as these same pastors are unhappy in theirs.

According to Gifty Adorye in a recent interview on Kofi TV, one lesson she has learnt is never to take her marital issues to any pastor to solve.

She asserted that these so-called pastors have secretly divorced their wives, and only put up an act for their congregation when they come to church.

“I tell you, even they, their marriages are on fire, so they use your problems to console themselves. Most of them have problems, most of them have divorced their wives secretly that many people don’t know. A lot of them have problems but because of the fame they have it’s so hard for them to come public. Most of them have problems, what they put out in church with their wives are all an act, pretense, they pretend a lot…” she reiterated.

Gifty Adorye further advised the couples with marital problems to rather do a soul searching and cry to God to help them solve their marital issues rather than running to pastors.

Speaking on cheating allegations, Gifty Adorye debunked rumors of cheating on her Ex- husband Pastor Osei with a man in the US.

Explaining the situation, Gifty stated vehemently that she never cheated on him and that she isn’t that kind of woman.

Watch the full interview below for more;

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