The pregnancy is not for you- Lady breaks his boyfriend’s heart

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A lady recently informed her boyfriend of her pregnancy and proceeded to add anti-climax that got the man sprawling in pain.

The young woman informed him that he is not the baby’s father even though the boyfriend embraced the pregnancy and volunteered to assume full responsibilities.

This sparked a social media commotion as people criticized her for cheating on such a dedicated man who wanted the relationship to probably transitioned into marriage.

See a few samples of netizens’ reactions below;

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Mikey said, “I get the guys intentions, but that was a bit out of line for him to say. The guy doesn’t have to sit through 9 gruelling months of bloat, unstable emotions, cramping, constipation, and the pain of giving birth. He’s not pregnant. She is. Sorry for his loss tho.”

Probablysomebody said, “what a horrible way of admitting you cheated
not getting your period on time is totally normal, it doesn’t have to mean pregnancy. She could’ve admitted to cheating without sending him in an emotional spiral before.”

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Aiden said, “@Josie_Loaf Wowzers! Isn’t this a hilarous meme!? I can’t believe she would turn on him like that, kind of feel bad, but kind of don’t! 😂😂 Love, Aunt A ❤️❤️.”



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