The Premiere Of ‘Made In Agege’  Flopped & Was Extremely Distasteful!

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Last  Friday, 14th August, 2015,  a movie titled “Made In Agege” from Kumawood was premiered at the Silverbird Cinemas at the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall.

It was the first Kumawood movie ever to be premiered at a Silverbird Cinema and the anticipation to watch the movie was very high.

I would like to state that, I was not physically present at the premiere as I was in Nigeria for an event but 4 people from attended the premiere and have informed me of what transpired.

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From all indications, the movie “Made In Agege” failed to attract movie lovers to come see the movie. I am reliably told that, celebrities didn’t even turn up for the premiere at the West Hills Mall and the only notable celebrities present were Amanda Jissih of Ghone and Bill Asamoah.

Bill Asamoah at made in agege

The movie was premiered twice that day at the West Hills Mall and the people who attended the first  premiere were about 65, sources have disclosed to me.

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The second premiere at 9:30pm that day had just about 29 people in the Cinema Hall. has learned that, the setting for the movie, location, picture quality, sound, camera angles were all on point except for their storyline.

We are told the story line didn’t make SENSE at all and that, even getting to the climax, no one could tell what exactly they wanted to tell.

It’s sad that, for a movie from Kumawood been premiered for the first time at the Silverbirds, it couldn’t even attract just even 300 people and worst of, one of the main characters for the movie, Lil Wain didn’t even show up.

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So far, all the movies that have been premiered in the year, Yvonne Nelson’s movie “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was tagged the most flopped movie but then this Kumawood movie has taken that burden as it is now, unless, other premieres yet to come, perform too worst than it.


With Yvonne’s own, we can understand the heavy rains was the reason but with these Kumawood people, they just didn’t promote this movie well.

They should understand that, the people In Accra are not really into their movies, so if they don’t use persuasive marketing techniques to get their attention, they would always get ditched.

My advice to the producer is that, if they want to promote a movie, they should involve more bloggers because whether they like it or not, bloggers can exaggerate a lot more than TV and Radio.

Well, we are told there is a part 2 to the movie,so there could be another premiere soon. will keep you updated.


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