“The real Jesus was Black, never pray to or worship the picture of fake white Jesus’ – Fuse ODG charges Blacks

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British-Ghanaian recording artist Nana Richard Abiona, better known by his stage name Fuse ODG, has charged Blacks to desist from glorifying a supposed white Jesus.

According to him, the idea that Jesus is white and praying to his picture is a divine act is flawed.

Speaking on Accra-based Hitz FM today, Fuse ODG justified why he burnt pictures of Jesus by saying that the real Jesus was a Black man who never had a photoshoot.

"The real Jesus was Black, never pray to or worship the picture of fake white Jesus' – Fuse ODG encourages Blacks
Fuse ODG
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Thus the idea and convention that praying to a white Jesus is a sacred obligation was a deliberate attempt by the white folks to brainwash and mentally enslaved blacks. He charged Blacks not to bow down or give reverence to any picture of a supposed Jesus.

Fuse ODG added that doing that is rendering worship to a false idol which the whites had sold to Blacks and conscientized them to accept and believe that everything Black is evil while white is clean and pure.

Burning the Jesus poster is about not letting our kids worship the white man. If you’re praying to the poster of Jesus, you are already breaking the commandment because you are praying to the false idol.

The real Jesus never had a photo shoot. I do not want my kids to grow up and think the white man is God. I want them to grow and be proud of who they are – black and proud. Jesus actually looks like you and me.

He has a darker hue. We have been conditioned to think whoever is lighter is better. Growing up, the first white man I saw was a Jesus Christ poster, but that wasn’t Jesus.

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