“The Reason People Don’t Give You Money And Gifts Is Because You’re Stingy; Give And You’ll Be Given”–Actress Lizzy Gold Says

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If you don’t open your hands, it is not very likely that you’ll receive any gifts from others because a close-fisted man will almost certainly have people around him who are also close-fisted because no one would want to open up to you, just as you won’t open up to anyone.

This is the logic being propagated by actress Lizzy Gold who believes that when an individual doesn’t often receive money or gifts from people, it just shows that they are stingy.

Opening one’s hands means that they give to other people who need something they have an excess of.

Lizzy Gold insinuated that it Is only when you give to people freely that other people will also feel comfortable giving you money or any other gifts.

Actress Lizzy Gold

To her, you are not receiving anything from anyone because you are simply stingy and don’t give people gifts.

It is difficult to tell if receiving gifts from other people is directly affected by what you give out yourself because there are people who have the habit of giving out to people a lot but such people sometimes do not receive even a ‘thank you’ for the philanthropy.

Biblically, giving attracts more blessings than receiving; sometimes, it comes back to you in various ways unexpectedly, and that makes it imperative to always try to share the little you have with others who might need that little support that you have to offer.

Lizzy Gold concluded in her Instagram post that; “if your hand is tight, your life will be very tight”.

This is an admonishment by the actress to try to do some good for people who are in need.

See her post below;

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