The Rich Don’t Gossip But The Poor – Bro Sammy Opens More Fire

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We reported last week that Kumasi-based gospel musician Bro Sammy has released arguably the first ever gospel diss song titled ‘Nnipa Foo Na Odi Nsɛm Foo’ which translates into English as stupid people are used to doing stupid stuff!


This presupposes that whoever has said anything evil or better still bad stuff about him is indisputably stupid. Immediately the song hit the airwaves, music enthusiasts started pointing fingers at Prophetess Cecilia Marfo as the one being attacked by Bro Sammy per the content of the song. This resulted in a lot of backlashes directed towards Bro Sammy by section of Gospel artistes.

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However and from all indications, Bro Sammy says he’s not perturbed by the backlashes in reference to the song. According to him, he’s not moved by all the noise Ghanaians are making about his song and even dared authorities to ban the song if they want. His posture indicate he’s unapologetic and full of resentment.


He told Showbiz on Tuesday that he is not bothered by the comments people are making as he was speaking his mind on the song.

“I sing what comes to my mind and I don’t care whatever anyone says about me or my songs. Whether the song is banned or not, I don’t really care since my point has been made,” he said.

Asked the reason he did such a song in the first place, Brother Sammy responded that the song is a true reflection of what is happening in Ghana.

It is the stupid person that says nonsense. The rich have no time to gossip but the poor are rather gossiping all the time. I don’t see why anyone should have problems with this song,” he said.

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